Learn how to transform pieces with Milk Paint...

Take your finishes to the next level by learning how to use Milk Paint alongside Amy Howard. Whether you want to learn how to flip Facebook Marketplace finds or just spruce up a few of your own pieces, the Milk Paint Workshop is for you!

✔ Learn the history of milk paint
✔ The difference between chalk and milk paint
✔ What surfaces you can use milk paint on
✔ Paint actual samples alongside Amy using 3 different techniques
✔ How to layer your milk paint colors & create depth
✔Scroll down for the full list of what you will learn! 😍

Order The Milk Paint 101 Workshop

Paint alongside Amy Howard as she teaches you about her favorite finish, Milk Paint!

This hands on virtual workshop is the best way to learn Milk Paint. Learn all the basics and history, then ask Amy questions LIVE.  

Learn 3 Finishes You Can Recreate On Furniture!

This workshop box comes with 3 different shades of Milk Paint, Cracked Gesso, Gel Stain, Dust of Ages, Antiquing Glaze, Light Wax, Dark Wax, 3 pieces of trim, brushes, and more.

Order Your Workshop Box 

Join Us On Zoom July 8th Or Watch The Recording

*All pertinent information will be emailed to you

Learn the basics and history of Milk Paint, learn 3 furniture finishes, how to use a number of products, and more!  

What You Will Learn In The Workshop ✨

✔ How To Mix Milk Paint
✔ How To Layer Colors & Create Depth
✔ How To Crack Your Milk Paint & Add Texture
✔ How To Antique Your Pieces So They Look Real
✔ How To Age Your Piece For Authentic Wear With Fly Specking
✔ How To Create A Custom Zinc Wax & Age Your Piece
✔ How To Burnish Your Piece To Have Natural Patina

✔ The History Of Milk Paint
✔ Why You Would Use Milk Paint
✔ The Difference Between Milk Paint & Chalk Paint
✔ Why Milk Paint Is Powder
✔ How Long Milk Paint Is Good For & How To Store
✔ What Kinds Of Brushes To Use
✔ How To Seal Milk Paint
✔ What Is Binder
✔ How To Use Antiquing Glaze, Dust Of Ages, & More
✔ How To Wax Milk Paint

Meet Your Instructor...

For the last 30 years Amy Howard has been designing, rescuing and restoring furniture. Her company, Amy Howard Home grew from leading the interior design market by restoring and building luxury home furnishings, to providing makers with a distinguished class of artisan-quality paint products and training. 

Through her Milk Paint 101 Workshop, she will teach you how you can take a piece of furniture and completely transform it. You will be able to take this knowledge and build a business or create pieces you treasure. 

Become A Before & After Expert

Can't join us live?
No problem! We will be recording the Milk Paint Workshop and sending it out to all purchasers. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How will the class run?
We will be using Zoom to facilitate the class. The Zoom link and password will be sent out on the day of the workshop. 
You will join the Zoom and we will start the class. Amy will teach you about Milk Paint and you will paint alongside her!

When will the Zoom link be distributed?
The Zoom link will be sent out on the day of the Milk Paint 101 Workshop.

What happens after I order my box?
Once you order your box, we will ship it out to you! Once it gets to you, you are welcome to open it but do not complete your finishes yet. You will want to paint alongside Amy during the workshop!

What if I can't make this date but want to participate?
If you are unable to join us on July 8th - no problem! We will send out a #replay of the workshop to all purchasers. 

Can I order my box after the class has taken place?
Yes! If you want to order your box after July 8th, we will send you a #replay of the Milk Paint 101 Workshop with your purchase. 

When is the last day to order my kit?
The last day to order your kit so that it gets to you in time is Monday, July 5th. We cannot guarantee that it will make it to you on time, but we will try our best!

What if my box doesn't get here in time?
Shipping can be unpredictable. We will do everything we can to get you your Milk Paint 101 Workshop box in time. However, we recommend ordering your box as early as possible.

Can I invite my friends?
Yes! Sharing is caring. Invite your friends to the Milk Paint 101 Workshop so they can learn how to become a painting pro.
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